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 Photographic Services

Portrait and Event Photography

All photography services can be offered in studio or on location.

  • Portraits – family; infant/newborns; senior year portraits
  • Events – life event/milestone celebrations (anniversaries, parties, bar/bat mitzvah, quincanaeras); Fashion Shows; Corporate/Networking events; Political events
  • Wedding Photography – hair/makeup/prep; arrival at location; continuous coverage of the event (including videography*); reception; one hour photo session with Bride and Groom at location of their choice; family member portraits

Panoramic/Specialty Photography

Panoramic photography is the art of creating an extended view image for viewing in a Cylindrical/VR environment, or as an ultra wide angle shot, giving a fisheye effect to the vertical and horizontal lines in the image. What sets us apart?

  • Flawless photo stitching and post processing – we work very hard to ensure that there will be no telltale glitches or jumps in your finished image.
  • Nodal points of the camera configuration are calculated manually, allowing for precise results and NO vertigo in our stitched VR imagery.
  • Stereographic (3D) Photography – using two separate but identical camera setups placed 15 degrees apart (just like your eyes are!). The output from each camera is layered accordingly in post processing and filtered appropriately to create a 3D image or video. Get your red and blue glasses out!

Architectural Photography

We would love to collaborate in creating a comprehensive electronic press kit to showcase your work as an architect or interior designer. We use Perspective Control (PC) lenses to ensure that there is NO barrel distortion in our finished products, giving a true and accurate representation of your design.  Horizontal wide angle shots or vertical wide angle shots can be achieved using our superior signal processing technologies for photo stitching.

*Additional charges assessed upon consultation.